Team up with up to four other players or go it alone in this initiation test.
Four Hellstones are located within the maze, guarded by hardcore bosses.
Brace yourself for some intense and insane shooting, mowing down the troves of vile creatures in your way.
With the starting weapon being an overpowered, huge capacity Machine Gun and featuring an explosive launcher as a secondary fire, can you imagine the final weapon?? From blades to grenades, lasers to fire - this is time for some crazy hell killing sprees.
What about the creatures?
Well, let me tease you with two...
Meet the Reapers, nippy, dual machine gun-wielding flying nightmares.
They are everywhere, guts and guns included.
Forged from the running lava, comprised of flesh and metal from previous foes... we welcome the Fleshballs. These large bouncing bags of meat are ready to explode and they will find you.
Think you're ready to survive the test, find the four stones and navigate hell? 

We will see.



Scathe is an FPS on steroids.
A Hell initiation test like no other for up to four co-op players. Grab insane weapons, find the four Hellstones, mow down everything in your way and escape.
If you're good enough...