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  • Feel the speed while you stop the spread in this fast paced arcade shooter
  • Harness the power of the VacciMax 9000 and wipe out the germs before they erradicate you
  • Collect pills scattered about the hospital to keep the virus at bay
  • Survive the madness of crazy physics as cans, tables, chairs, computers and much, much more fly across your path
  • Rack up the multipliers and destroy the top scores
  • Bring your skills or you won't last long... this game isn't for the easy

Time is running out and you're running about!

You ready to blast some bugs?



We're in lockdown and you're our only hope! Grab your blaster, ready the cure and prepare to face the virus head on in this frantic, wacky and wild hospital. Don't be fooled, this is a task for only the best out there.
Think you have what it takes?